I know these recent buffs are supposed to be small in order to make more champions viable, but Jinx's W is the last thing she needed changed. It's near-perfect the way it was before and changing the cooldown on it will do nothing for her when she's played properly. This is an unnecessary change in my opinion, as her W isn't the skill that her viability hinges on. Jinx just needs a few stat tweaks/QOL changes to make her feel better. Right now, her rockets feel bad to use without 1 or 2 AS items + boots, not to mention that they are _way_ too easy to cancel. The timing feels so bad and the lower scaling really sucks. Minigun is fine when you can use it without being punished. If you need to change the W, consider lowering the animation time. It doesn't feel bad when you're trying to kite, but when combined with Q/E/R her "flow" takes a hit. Her passive and ult could use a little tweaking too, and I think they are going to have the biggest impact on her play and win rates. Right now W/R both serve as finishers and I think they could be made more distinct while maintaining good combo potential. Always happy to see that Jinx is getting looked at, but right now this is practically nothing.
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