Thunderlord's Decree and its purpose in game.

Right now, TL Decree has no cooldown due to a bug (or at least that's what I heard on boards) and it's really good on any CDR focused build due to high base dmg scaling with level but looking later at 30 second cooldown it's really bad. Compare it to Deathfire Touch that has ZERO cooldown and its ratios are (10% to 20% and 20% to 50%) twice times bigger (so it scales better with AP/AD) leaving Thunderlord Decree in bad spot (also Deathfire always procs on damaging spells when TL Decree procs on 3RD attack or spell!). Is there a way to to buff it? Yes and it is simple, just change cooldown to 30s >>> 10s or 5s and it could be used by some mages or aggresive supports OR make area bit bigger and make it slow people (50% for 1s? 20% for 3s?) so it'd be perfect for any support looking for engage tool. Feel free to leave a comment on what you think about DL Decree and possible way to fix that keystone so it won't be useless.
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