Hi, Let me list all the nerfs Shyvana got last year : - Devourer was removed - Monster take more time to respawn - Her W don't deal onus damage to monster anymore - Her Q damages were reduced in the first levels - The passive is equivalent to the old one in the best cases, otherwise it's useless Now the buffs : - Her R is unstoppable and grants extra attack range - Dragon form E is better As the meta is becoming more and more cc heavy, champions like Shyvana are not in a good position. She has 0 tool for ganks before level 6 and even the ultimate is easily dodgeable and doesn't apply a reliable cc. I recognize that her late game is good enough, but atm I get invaded in my jungle by Gragas at level 3. So I don't really think that 2.3 armor is the key here. I have several ideas, maybe pick some of them : - After 3 attacks on a target affected by the E, it gets slowed - Make the passive add base armor which is not affected by last whisper - Add tenacity + some other stat between AD, AS and MS when we have 100 fury points, and these bonuses stay during dragon form. I hope this will be considered

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