Thoughts on the Yorick Rework, from a Yorick veteran

Hello there, First I'd like to say, good job on the reworked visuals. He looks stunning. You changed him up in a way that really does him justice, and for that I think credit is due. Now to the negative part. I don't want this to be overly emotional or negatively charged because it's not usually a useful stance for anyone to take for the most part, but I am pretty bummed with the overall direction of the Yorick rework from a gameplay element. Venturing outside the intended gameplay-space, it feels like you violated the very essence of what Yorick was. I understand not a lot of people played him, and likely none of the Rioters who created this have spent as much time with him on the rift that me and the other 6 people who played Yorick did (Can we stop going to those mandated psych meetings now that he's reworked?), but it's really saddening to see the necromancer being replaced by what amounts to a shovel knight. You stripped away his minion-mancer feel, which is weird considering he didn't even have that strong of a claim to it before. You double-downed on the "safe" route instead of doing something INTERESTING with him, and I'm vastly disappointed with how this turned out. The Q mechanics around him summoning ghouls are cool, and if that were where the kit began then I'd be ecstatic. Instead, Yorick has ZERO interaction with his ghouls, hell he doesn't even get to decide when to summon them beyond pressing the button. It used to be somewhat of a joke that Yorick was the ultimate minion because all of his abilities didn't actually do anything, but honestly he feels even MORE like a minion now. Worse: his minions are just worse in every way than a normal minion. I honestly don't know what to say. He has no fighting potential. His q scales moderately off AD, but has a long cooldown at lower levels. His w is borderline useless considering you can gapclose out of it. His E is just a cluster of intended counterplay, which means it scales with AP, has an awkward non-linear skill pattern, and is slow-moving. It's cool that it does current %health, which would help him against tanks, but then again his q heals for a flat amount of... 6? 12? 18? Well it's not like it matters. The cooldown isn't a always-on proc so it's not like it's an annoyance, it's just there to proc your weak ghoul minions, who (unless I'm missing my guess here) go out and attack the nearest champion, which they'll off for more gold to beat you with. Overall I just feel betrayed by this. This is nothing that we Yorick players wanted, or at least most of us from what I understand. I picked up Yorick in 2013 when I just started playing the game, and used to play him while I leveled. I stopped playing him for a long long time shortly after that because I heard he was getting reworked, and I was so excited that I didn't want to bother mastering him or anything if there was going to be this ultra-cool necromancer badass in the works. Flashforward 3 years and we have a shovel knight with no scaling on anything but an auto-reset. Do you guys really expect him not to be destroyed in lane? He has nothing to help him survive besides a pitiful flat healing on his q. Even if you added scaling on his Q heal, he'd still be Yorick the Shovel Knight, not Yorick the Necromancer. You can tack on all the magical "black mist" and "he summons souls with graves!" crap you want to. He's a shovel knight through and through. His q is whacking people with the shovel. His w is building a wall around them, and his E is throwing grave-dirt at them. Just because you change the particles doesn't change that his gameplay is based around something that we never wanted him to BE. We used to have names echoing the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and while Yorick never really got any popularity going for him, it was always pretty awesome getting to heal up or go into battle with your minions, and see who came out on top. The damage reduction was a deceptive part of him a lot of people took for granted, and even though he alone was weak, if you had his ghouls up he'd be amazing to play as. We've taken all that from him now. His minions are an afterthought from farming. He has low dueling power, because he can't do much damage besides his q and autos. Current health damage from his E starts falling off drastically fast, as Mundo can tell you (and his is basically costless with a 6 second cd before cdr). Just who his he supposed to win against in a fight? He's supposed to be this splitpushing god, but can't win a 1v1 for the most part. Splitpushing won't win games, because as you get closer to the base the enemy team has a much easier time sending people to stop you, forgetting the fact there's a finite amount of towers in any game. Even if he's a splitpushing god, he can't close out games because he basically has no place in a team fight. His w is alright, but beyond that his q and passive don't enter much into the equation except as an auto reset. Take him out of a lane and he has ZERO minions. Who thought of this!? What happened to making Yorick into a necromantic Minion-mancer? Instead we get timmy the turbo-shoveller? First you send Morde to the botlane for no damn reason, on top of dooming skarner to being played even LESS than he was... Like I just don't get you guys now adays. This is just bad, and I'm sorry I have to say that. It's not just a knee-jerk reaction to change, this is just fundamentally NOT what Yorick was, or should be. On an even more serious note: could we have a classic Yorick Skin? I think a lot of us would at least like something to remember our old friend by, even if we don't want to play what he's become.
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