Plant Spawn System Iteration 10/25

Hey everybody, Thanks for trying out plants and letting us know how they played. We've read a lot and are using it to inform the design. Some of the concerns we want to address right away: * "Plant spawns (especially Blast Cones) feel too random and can't be planned around." * "Plants are adding too much clutter." So, based on recent feedback (especially PBE and some internal feedback), we've done a significant iteration on the plant spawn system: * **The locations where Blast Cones can spawn are no longer randomized, and fewer will spawn** * The "game start" Blast Cones now represent the only possible spawn locations * Removed most Blast Cone spawn locations; total per quadrant: 5-6 -> 2 * Max Blast Cones alive at any given time per quadrant: 3 -> 2 * Respawn time now begins on corpse cleanup instead of "Ready" state * **Respawn times increased across the board** * **Seedling growth time increased: 30 seconds -> 60 seconds** * (This is the stage of a plant life cycle where it's scoutable but not usable yet.) * **Made other small adjustments to plant positions** * Nudged some Honeyfruit spawns so they aren't "inside walls" or obscured by terrain as much * Moved the Scryer's Bloom spawn location between Blue Buff and mid lane a little away from mid (towards river) These were submitted to the PBE code on 10/24 (should appear on the 10/25 build), so the details of the [old system explanation]( will be a bit outdated. Try the changes out on PBE and let us know what you think!
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