Recent Jungle Experimentation Context Post

Hey all, Way over due on this. As you've all noticed, we've been trying some very quick iteration cycles on the jungle camps to reduce the benefit of bot lanes poaching jungle camps at level one. The two iterations that were tested on PBE were Krug and Gromp having their own buffs until smote, and after that, a buff to the base stats of the camps, with machete buffed to compensate. The results of our testing in both cases led us to believe that the impact on the jungler from these changes was much too high, and in the second set of changes, might not have even pushed the lanes away from the level one poaching. The end result is that we aren't happy with the solutions so far, but we've been really happy to throw changes at PBE at a rapid clip, and be able to get your reactions and play testing. It's been incredibly useful for us to work at this pace and get the very quick feedback. Mainly wanted to do this post to say we're likely to keep this up for this project, as well as others in the future. Thanks everyone for the testing time and the thoughtful feedback!
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