Nidalee PBE changes for 9/11

Hey all, Now that Nidalee has been out and about on the Live environment for awhile, we wanted to make some changes to her to address a few issues. There are all sorts of ideas floating around out there as to what to do about her, ranging from 'leave her alone' to 'please just delete her.' Not too surprisingly, I'm sure, we haven't opted for either of those, but here's what we have decided to do. One of the paramount problems with Nidalee in from a playing against perspective is that she doesn't offer opponents meaningful windows during which they can put their guard down or feel like they have the upper hand, especially during the laning phase. Nidalee is intended to have short periods of time between Javelin Toss cooldowns where she is somewhat less dangerous, but when she builds primarily AD duelist items, that weakness seems like it's hardly there anymore. To that end, the approach we are taking is one that will hopefully help to emphasize her windows of strength and weakness, and we feel that moving her more toward the direction of AP or AP bruiser will help with that. AP builds almost always have lower power from basic attacks, so we think that if she can move a bit in that direction, she won't pose a such a high constant level of threat to opponents, particularly in the lane phase. One final thing to note is that Nidalee is not exactly known for her incredible teamfighting capabilities, and a large contributor to that is that she actually offers opponents so many ways to play against her in a teamfight environment. As such, we've made a small change to the way the Pounce reset on Hunt works to give Nidalee players more consistent results on the mobility end when Hunting. Here's the changelist you'll see playable on PBE today (9/11): * Base Stats * Base Attack Damage reduced to 44 from 49 * Base Attack Speed reduced to 0.638 from 0.670 * Takedown * Attack Damage ratio reduced to 0.75/1.875/2.5 from 1.0/2.5/3.33 (min/max/maxHunt) * Ability Power ratio increased to 0.36/0.90/1.2 from 0.24/0.6/0.8 (min/max/maxHunt) * Pounce * Pounce cooldown reduction mechanic added to Hunted Pounce (removed from Hunted Swipe) * Pounce cooldown reduction mechanics baseline effect increased to 1.5 seconds from 1.0 * Cooldown reduction mechanics on Pounce now affected by Nidalee's Cooldown Reduction stat * Swipe * No longer affects the cooldown of Pounce when used on a Hunted target Feel free to check out the changes and let us know what you guys think. Thanks, Repertoir **Edit: following some more testing, we've decided to try to go even further with the AD reductions and AP increases to Takedown. These changes are now reflected above.
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