If Nocturne and Shyvana are getting random AP ratios...

Can Mundo get some offensive options from AP? Currently, he only has a paltry 10% AP ratio on W and there are basically no decently scaling offensive options for him. I know you can get stuff like Liandrys but it's still pretty bad considering that W is the only skill with an AP ratio and he has a lot of hybrid damage from E too. Considering how much squishier he'd be, there needs to be more benefit from the AP to justify it. I know Mudno's best build is a tank and even adding some better AP ratios isn't likely to change that but it would give some more options when snowballing or in team comps. which are already tanky but lack damage. He feels a bit left out for a lot of juicy offensive options and his tanky builds are a bit more vulnerable now that mages like Malzahar and Brand are more common. I'm sad that the Dragons do almost nothing for him too but a 20% AP ratio on Q would make up for it. :D
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