A Warm Welcome from Relaunch!

Salutations to you, PBE bros and ladybros! I am Ququroon, and I do QA for the Relaunch team! As a team, we actively strive to ensure that the quality of existing champions is brought in line with our raised quality bar. Relaunches receive a lot of love and care from the PBE, so I wanted to greet all the new folks who are now a part of the PBE. Currently we have Sivir on the PBE. She will be out on Live really soon, and it’s thanks to reports from you guys. Thank you very much! While we wait for the next Relaunch to hit the PBE (Soon!™), I wanted to post a warm-up discussion for feedback. This should also help getting everybody (myself included) comfortable with the new forum style. * **Who would you like to see Relaunched?** * We have a very large backlog, but a few of them do stand out! * **If you could change one thing about a prior Relaunch (sans balance stuff), what would you change?** * This could help us be aware of areas for improvement! We’re constantly striving to improve as a team. I look forward to your awesome posts in the present, and in the future! This’ll be a blast!
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