The best way to balance Jhin is to give him a rework

There is no balancing Jhin's 4th shot mechanic without making it extremely overpowered as it is currently or end up being completely useless, it is neither healthy for the game nor fun to play against, not to mention removes the purposes of a marksman which is to kill tanks and take objectives (and then there is Graves, but he is more of a bruiser-marksman now rather than a true marksman). This is why I say Jhin needs a rework, mainly a full rework to his passive and very small adjustments to his abilities since you can balance his abilities. I heard Jhin was originally a mana-less champion, I will give ideas representing this fully and his 4 Bullets will be his resource for his abilities giving him a normal basic attack. > **Basic Attack Range:** 575 units > **Attack Speed:** 0.690 +0% per level [now normal basic attacks, no attack speed per level cause bonus attack speed amps his abilities' damage] > > **Whisper (Passive):** Ranks: @levels 1/4/7/10/13 > Jhin's basic attacks cannot critically strike, instead every 4th attack deals 0%(+2/3% [normal/with Infinity Edge] per 1% critical strike chance) increased damage. {So at 100% crit chance Jhin would deal 300/400% damage respectively on the 4th attack} > > Jhin does not use Mana, instead he uses _Bullets_ up to a maximum of 4 for his abilities. Every 8/7/6/5/4th basic attack grants Jhin one _Bullet_ and visiting his team's fountain restores all 4 _Bullets_. > > Every time Jhin casts an ability he consumes 1 _Bullet_, if no _Bullets_ are currently available he cannot cast any of his abilities. His abilities deal 0%(+4% per 10% critical strike chance)(+2.5% per 10% bonus attack speed) increased damage. > > **** > > For right now, only change to his Q-W-E abilities is that they no longer have Mana costs and instead consume 1 Bullet per cost, no Bullets = no way to cast the ability. Since I made attack speed and crit chance amp his abilities rather than his attack damage then values may need to be adjusted accordingly, but that is just number stuff > > **** > > **Curtain Call (R):** Static Cooldown: 0.75 second; Cost: 1 Bullet per shot; Range: 3000 units > First Cast: Jhin requires 2.5 seconds to set up his sniper rifle and get into position, immobilizing himself and zooming out his camera in the process. > > Enemy interrupts or movement commands once Jhin is fully set up will take him out of Curtain Call. > > Second Cast: Jhin fires a shot in the target direction damaging all non-champions in the way and stopping at the first enemy champion struck slowing it by 25% for 1.5 seconds, stacking up to 4 times for a maximum of 99% slow for 1.5 seconds, and dealing 30/75/120(+20%AD) physical damage increasing by 2.5% per 1% health the target is missing. > > If the final shot was also Jhin's 4th shot then it deals 50% increased damage and he exits out of Curtain Call. If this 4th shot executes an enemy champion then Jhin restores 4 _Bullets_. ****
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