Heads up on new Order and Chaos themed content

Hi everyone, I wanted to give you guys a heads up on some of the new content that will be showing up in the next day or two on PBE. We'll be doing some cool things with Missions and Loot and we've got two awesome new skins for Yasuo and Riven. Below I'll describe whats coming and I'll also be updating this post with any issues that come up. Remember that this content will be turning on over the next day or two and that as always with PBE, things could change before it hits LIVE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Missions:** We’re testing out new missions themed toward Chaos and Order. Complete missions to earn exclusive rewards and to unlock new missions. **Loot:** We are introducing limited-time loot we’d like you to test. Earn Order and Chaos Tokens by completing missions (or purchase them in the Store) to unlock special Icons, Borders, Emotes and Orbs. You can also purchase passes themed toward Order or Chaos, which grant you a Hextech Chest & Key, an Orb, a unique Ward, a multiplier that doubles the amount of tokens you earn on missions, and mission lines exclusive to the passes. Orbs contain a guaranteed Legacy skin shard and a 50% chance to get a bonus drop. If your orb triggers a bonus drop, you’ll have a chance to get either a random amount of Tokens, two Gemstones, or a loot-exclusive skin shard. Completing the special mission lines rewards you with Hextech Chests, Hextech Keys, Tokens, and even Gemstones. **In-game content:** **Dawnbringer Riven** Cast aside your shadows; all paths lead to the light! Let Order guide your blade when you take to the Rift as Dawnbringer Riven! New model, with a model-swap for her ult (a golden, radiant embodiment of Order) All new animations! (very fluid and elegant, with turn-tech on her wings) All new VFX! (extra golden effects for Q & W in ult form) All new VO and SFX! (heavenly and crystalline) **Nightbringer Yasuo** The truest path is the darkest. Destroy this world with Chaos and pave the way for a dark, new age as Nightbringer Yasuo! New model with an initial model-swap when your whirlwind is up and a second swap after ulting an enemy (A dark, raging embodiment of Chaos) All new animations! (New monstrous spikes that pierce out on spellcast) All new VFX! (Shadows, fire, and brimstone) All new VO and SFX! (Sounds of hellfire and dark power plus new lines! His ult VO gets considerably fiercer. **“SORYE GE TON!”**) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Known PBE Issues:** **Missions** **Loot** * There are several items that will be missing art assets in the Loot Crafting menu. We are aware of the ‘missing’ assets, but please let us know if you see mismatched or incorrect assets. **Skins** Thanks, -Ponts-
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