My thoughts on Evelynn's rework broken down

Hello fellow reader, my name is Bleikopf I am neither a seasoned Evelynn main only playing her for some months, nor am I that high of an Elo. I simply like to think about Champion Design a lot, tinkering with abilities to make them feel more thematically fitting and creating Character Concepts that add another spice to Summoners Rift. Also am I really invested in Evelynn as a Champion, so I would like to discuss her new Kit with you. Evelynn's new Kit revolves heavily around her Charm, so I will start with this ability before talking about her other skills. **** **Allure** Since Evelynn no longer has her Stealth to initiate a gank in the early levels, she now relies on hard CC. Against Champions her Charm doubles in function as hard CC as well as helping her burst enemies by shredding their Magic Resist. While practical this also encourages applying two different mindsets on balancing her Charm: Once as burst tool of an Assassin and once as a Point and Click Hard CC. Thus the means by which the Charm is applied feel clunky and unsatisfying. Casting her _Allure_ on an enemy reveals her presence and marks them for 5 Seconds. If Evelynn damages the targeted Champion within the next 2.5 Seconds the only thing she gets is a brief slow of 65% _on a 14 Second Cooldown_. If the enemy Champion still is withing our range after that, s/he gets hard CC'ed for 1 to 2 seconds. While being a good way to punish an enemy who does not respect our presence this has nothing to do with the _delayed Burst_ Assassins are supposed to have. This balancing **actively discourages** Evelynn, an Assassin, from attacking her target. _Personally I thought about moving her Magic Shred away from her hard CC and move it to somewhere else in her kit._ Casting her _Allure_ on a monster also marks them for 5 seconds and slows them for 65% briefly. If we wait the full duration of 2.5 Seconds until her curse is ready, we get a healthy chunk of damage on the monster and CC it for 3 to 4 seconds. Waiting for 2.5 Seconds around monsters and doing nothing however feels bad in a role where wasting time is one of the worst things you can do. _Maybe we can find a compromise in reducing the time her W takes to clear jungle camps. Maybe her W is actually so powerful on monsters that it is worth waiting 2.5 seconds doing nothing per camp and my complaint is unfounded._ **** **Whiplash** Evelynn's new E does %max health damage compared to the current scaling damage, so comparing numbers isn't easy. After connecting with our _Whiplash_ we get 30% movement speed for 2 seconds. I do not really see the need for this rather small movement buff since we are already on top of our enemy if we used _Whiplash_, but it is helpful for sticking to our enemy. I wouldd prefer just outright killing our prey instead of chasing them though. When we enter our _Demon Shade_ we reset our Cooldown on _Whiplash_, which I think is a neat mechanic and helps her jungling. We also empower _Whiplash_, making it a 'Gapcloser' and doing more damage with it. _After we have used our Whiplash we sit on a Cooldown of 8 Seconds where we are sitting ducks waiting for our spells to come up again. The Gapcloser is really small and barely closes any gap. The movementspeed buff would be more desirable if we had spells to cast while sticking to our prey._ **** **Hate Spike** The changes made to _Hate Spike_ feel very much like a change for the sake of change. This gets even more evident while jungling, where her gameplay goes all the way back to spamming your Q and kiting the camps. Compared to the live _Hate Spike_ s the reworked ones are way more complex, so I will explain how I understand them. At the beginning of this ability, you get a very long skillshot. This can be used to procc your _Allure_ on enemy Champions from range, so this **does** actually have **synergy in her kit**. If we miss this skillshot, we still get the ability to reactive _Hate Spike_ three more times. These _Hate Spike_ s behave just like the ones we have currently on live, but compared to another the reworked _Hate Spike_ s have way worse scaling on rank 1 and stay that bad. If we hit our Skillshot we do extra damage on hitting the Champion with our three next spells or attacks. Adding the extra damage and the normal damage together we get slightly higher damage than the current _Hate Spike_ s on live do. After we have used our _Hate Spike_ we sit on a Cooldown of 8 Seconds. This does get reduced if we use it against the jungle where we are back to the live Evelynn playstyle of spamming Q and kiting, however In fights we are a sitting duck waiting for our Cooldowns to come back. _What I and a lot of other Evelynn mains would like to see is having her old_ Hate Spike_s back. I think adding the current long skillshot as an enhanced effect instead, similar to the enhanced_ Whiplash _effect would reward playing around our passive and still allow us to have our Q spam. _ We already see a lot of her damage being gated behind different conditions. The new Evelynn requires a lot of setup to do damage. **** **Last Caress** This spell has a lot of power. We become untargetable, do AoE damage that scales with up to 150% AP and then blink back. Imposing the blink on the ult forces us to make decisions. Do we get away with one clean kill or do we risk it for the potential of a double kill? Should I use _Last Caress_ to gapclose or save it for my burst? This is where the good Evelynns can prove themselves. _After thinking about it for some time I think the Ult should keep its imposed blink. What could be improved is making it more visually clear when we can kill an enemy. Also, getting us instantly into our passive after ulting would allow us to disengage - or prepare a second engage - with more success._ **** **What they took from us:** **Mana Passive** As long as Evelynn is not Blue Buff dependent for the entirety of the game I am ok with missing the mana passive. Not being able to give my mid laner the second blue buff is a huge hit for a junglers popularity. **AD Scalings** I speak for a majority of the Evelynn main base when I say "I want AD Scalings on the new Evelynn back". Although sometimes tricky to use, having hybrid scalings allowed her different approaches to confront the enemy team. It was rewarding our knowledge of matchups and Items. Having no diversity in her scalings is not only crippling her Item Builds, it is making her way more binary depending just on how much AP she has stacked. Her current scalings do not inspire different Item Paths and will never be able to in the same way her old scalings allowed her to. **MovementSpeed** Where is our Movementspeed? The rework removed _Dark Frenzy_, which had 4 uses: 1. Engaging 2. Disengaging 3. Cleansing Slows 4. Moving around the map While 1. and 2. are both found in her new Kit, the last two points still stand. Cleansing Slows is something that made Evelynn unique and using her Movementspeed to move around the map helped her build pressure all around the map, despite having slow clears. I am definitely ready to say goodbye to the Slow-Cleanse. It hurts my soul to do so but I cannot see where in her new kit it would fit in. New Champions rarely come without slows and using your _Dark Frenzy_ at the right time was something that proved your skill, but it's not something we have to force into her already well rounded new kit. Her Map movement however seems to be way worse now. Not even aren't we as fast as we used to be anymore, we are even slower! Our Base movement speed got lowered despite getting our movement speed steroid removed. Why are we slower now? Wasn't it enough to remove her stealth to remove her early pressure? Can we implement some movementspeed into her passive to reward managing it correctly? **** **Demon Shade** You guys took our Stealth pre-6 from us. I do not think you are making any compromises with that so I don't even bother arguing and will just accept it. Her new Health regen passive definitely feels gimmicky and uncalled for. But I can also see the potential in fading in and out of skirmishes and coming back on (near) full HP everytime. _While the Health threshold scales with AP I had the thought to let her life regen scale with AD. This would make for some distinct playstyles where building AP is more safe to use and gives you HP back more regularly, while the AD one has a higher risk to trigger the threshold but gives a lot more HP back. Also, AD Scalings._ Also there is absolutely no reason to remove Camouflage from Evelynn if she gets hit. The glimmering effect that surrounds Evelynn on hit is more than enough for the enemy to know we are there. Taking us out of our _Demon Shade_ because some randomly flying projectiles are flying all over the place is setting our (dis-)engage potential way back. Considering all the setup we currently have to do to do any damage we cannot engage right after, so the only option left for us is to disengage - and we no longer have enough movementspeed or a slow cleanse to not get collapsed on. **** If you've made this so far I thank you for reading through this and would like to hear your thoughts. Do you (dis-)approve? Do you have different ideas on how to straighten her kit out?
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