[Preseason] Itemization Feedback Megathread - October 19th

Worlds, soloq is back, replay system, sandbox mode, ~~voice chat, Magma Chamber,~~ and now it's the LoL's Christmas coming early - the Preseason. http://i.imgur.com/4QnvX4f.jpg Hi I'm Pyro and I do these threads every year. I just like commenting on item systems. http://i.imgur.com/e76nC1C.jpg #Lethality Relatively simple fix to the biggest issue with assassin builds. From what I see, Serrated Dirk provides just about the same amount of arpen at target's level 7-8, and scales pretty well into the lategame. The only slightly nerfed item here is Youmuu's Ghostblade, as it will not grant you 20 arpen from the get-go. Here's how Lethality works: 40% of your Lethality is converted into flat armor penetration right away. The other 60% scales with target's level. If you have 20 Lethality, you have 20 flat armor penetration against a level 18 target, but only 14 against a level 9 target. > {{item:3134}} **Serrated Dirk** * +10 armor penetration >> +15 Lethality * Passive: After killing any unit, your next basic attack or single target spell deals +15 damage >> +20 Movement Speed out of combat Pretty decent change, especially with the shift from laning power to roaming. This is one paradigm change I love seeing - if assassins are strong both in lane and in roaming, they're quickly snowballing the whole game out of control. I'm all for the rock paper scissors game of "maybe I'm not that strong in lane but I'll just go murder your team then". > http://i.imgur.com/BzkXWii.jpg **Poacher's Dirk** * Recipe: {{item:1036}} Long Sword + 400 g (750 g total) * +20 AD, +20 ooc MS * Transforms into Serrated Dirk once you kill 3 jungle camps on the enemy side THE TECHNOLOGY IS HERE. This is the first time we have two ways to achieve the same item, and I just love the concept. Much like the Cull, it's an item that starts its own minigame, a challenge: complete it and you'll get rewarded. However, it favours a very specific category of junglers - the ones who can utilize armor penetration. It might be intended, but dedicated counterjunglers such as Nunu, Shyvana and Udyr cannot utilize this item very well. I can't wait to see other challenge items like it. Here's some triggers that might work out as well: * Scuttle Crab kills/assists (Crab Shell?) * Tower takedowns in your vicinity (both enemy and allied) * Assists or kills taken with assistance of allied champion Now, back onto the Lethality topic, with the upgrades. > {{item:3142}} **Youmuu's Ghostblade** * Cost: 3200 g >> 3000 g * +20 armor penetration >> +20 Lethality, +20 Movement Speed out of combat * Active no longer grants Attack Speed This is a straight out nerf, especially to AD Carries, who are probably no longer supposed to (ab)use it. In all other Dirk items, 20 Lethality is more than previously, but Youmuu rush is no longer as strong as it used to be. One important note here is that the active, according to the [preseason website](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/preseason-2017/assassins#items), is supposed to **block the first incoming enemy attack** unless you attack first. This idea might have gotten scrapped, but it seems pretty damn interesting. > {{item:3147}} **Duskblade of Draktharr** * +75 AD >> +65 AD * +10 armor penetration >> +20 Lethality * +5% movement speed >> +20 Movement Speed out of combat * Passive: Nightfall >> After being unseen for at least 1 second, your next basic attack deals 50 (+200% Lethality) bonus true damage on hit. * Passive: Gain true sight for 8 seconds after being spotted by an enemy ward (90 second cooldown) Now this one got changed a LOT. It's probably not going to be useful on Jhin or MF any longer, but champions like Kha'Zix, Shaco and especially Vayne are going to love it. A full 3 Dirk item assassin build is going to have 60 Lethality, which makes the passive deal 170 true damage on hit for every time you go invisible. That's a lot of damage on Kha'Zix and even more on Vayne, though if she goes full assassin, her AS and crit are going to be pretty nonexistent. I'd expect Vayne to build this without Ghostblade, maybe with the next new item. > http://i.imgur.com/wFyCLky.jpg **Edge of Night** (aka Sorcerer's Bane) **(NEW ITEM)** * Recipe: {{item:3134}} Serrated Dirk + {{item:1037}} Pickaxe + {{item:1033}} Null-Magic Mantle + 675 g (3100 g total) * +60 AD, +35 MR * Passive: +20 Lethality, +20 Movement Speed out of combat * Active: Channel for 1.5s to gain a spellshield for 10 seconds, 30 second cooldown. (Can be channeled while moving, any damage will stop the channel.) Pretty fair deal other than yet another "lol nope" to Karthus. Sure, an on-demand spellshield is an absurdly powerful tool, but it requires a careful preparation and can rarely be really used to block a specific selected spell. It's a strong item but you have to take two changes into consideration: the removal of Aegis and the change to Malmortius. Malmortius no longer builds out of Serrated Dirk, making it a little bit less desirable for assassins in lane against mages. All in all Edge of Night is supposed to be a replacement for Malmortius. > {{item:3156}} **Maw of Malmortius** * Recipe: {{item:3155}} Hexdrinker + {{item:3133}} Caulfield's Warhammer + 850 g (cost unchanged) * +55 AD >> +50 AD * +40 MR >> +45 MR * +10 armor penetration >> +10% Cooldown Reduction * Passive now also grants +20 AD on trigger. Maw seems like an item more suited for fighters and divers now, but I can't help but fear all AD midlaners still rushing Hexdrinker and still converting it into Malmortius sooner or later. And a Zed or Talon with bot Edge of Night and Malmortius is going to be pretty much unkillable. Seriously though, stacking Malmortius, Edge of Night and Mercurial Scimitar seems absolutely bonkers. I get that AD assassins are supposed to be a counter to mages, but with these items even tanks are going to have a lot of trouble pinning them down. I'd start considering making at least Edge of Night and QSS share the cooldown. --- #Support items > {{item:3105}} **Aegis of the Legion** * Recipe: {{item:1029}} Cloth Armor + {{item:1033}} Null-Magic Mantle + 350 g (1100 g total, down from 1500) * +30 Armor, +30 Magic Resist * Health removed * Aura removed Aegis now becomes a stat stick that doesn't build into any bruiser/tank item. In the event toplane Shyvana and Jax become a thing again, I'd expect some tank toplaners to actually build it. One good thing about resist bulk in lane is that it scales up your health regen. And you're already getting some health from Sightstone and Relic Shield. > {{item:3190}} **Locket of the Iron Solari** * {{item:3105}} Aegis of the Legion + {{item:1033}} Null-Magic Mantle + 650 g (2200 g total, down from 2500) * +30 Armor, +60 Magic Resist * Active: 90 - 345 shield for 2 seconds >> 70 - 665 shield that decays over 2.5 seconds * Legion aura removed Pretty neat and expected change. Shield now works best against AoE burst and can block insane amounts of damage. Stat-wise the item is modest (1580 g worth of stats), but doesn't overcap your CDR, which seems to be a common occurence if you're an enchanter. Overall a much specialized item now, which is nice. > {{item:3060}} **Banner of Command** * Recipe: {{item:3105}} Aegis of the Legion + {{item:3024}} Glacial Shroud + 100 g (2200 g total) * +60 Armor, +30 Magic Resist, +400 Mana, +10% Cooldown Reduction * No longer grants Ability Power * Active Unchanged * Legion aura removed A much better stat stick than Locket that might not only appease some tank supports, but also might pique interest of some tank toplaners (hello Sion). > {{item:3001}} **Abyssal Scepter** * MR reduction removed * Now increases magic damage enemies take by 10% Pretty straightforward and much welcome change. No longer stomps squishies as much as it used to, but it's going to remain pretty neat in the lategame. > {{item:3114}} **Forbidden Idol** * Combine Cost 600 g >> 550 g (800 g total, down from 850) * Heal and Shield Power: 10% >> 8% For a support building block Idol seemed a little bit expensive, so this is a good change. > {{item:3028}} **Chalice of Harmony** * Combine Cost: 200 g >> 100 g (800 g total, down from 900) * Passive: Increases to your % Base Mana Regen stat now also increase your % Base Health Regen stat by the same amount. * This change also affects {{item:3222}} and {{item:3174}} Not only does it make Chalice a better defined item as 90% of the time it only granted mana regen), but also it helps the "mana regen overload" effect that stacking Enchanter items has on some supports. Going too big on mana regen? Here, have some free health regen. > {{item:3174}} **Athene's Unholy Grail** * Combine Cost: 450 g >> 300 g (2100 g total, down from 2250) > {{item:3222}} **Mikael's Crucible** * Combine Cost: 650 g >> 500 g (2100 g total, down from 2400) * Heal and Shield Power: 15% >> 20% * Active: * Cooldown: 180 s >> 120 s * No longer heals * No longer has a travel time * Grants 2 seconds of slow immunity * If you've cleansed a CC effect, grants 40% MS for 2 seconds This change is intended to aid powerful initiators rather than targets being under threat of burst and I can see it working. I'm just not sure Enchanters will have enough miracles in their sleeve to save their carries from the onslaught of assassins. > {{item:3504}} **Ardent Censer** * Combine Cost: 700 g >> 600 g (2300 g total, down from 2400) * Heal and Shield Power: 15% >> 10% * Passive: 25% attack speed and 25 magic damage on-hit >> 20% attack speed, 20 magic damage on-hit, heals for 20 on hit. Seems legit and goes further into supporting AS-heavy champions. The on-hit heal seems particularly sweet on champions like Shyvana or Udyr, empowering objective takedowns supported by mass shields of Karma, Sona, or even support Lux. > http://i.imgur.com/GhAmsDj.jpg **Redemption** **(NEW ITEM)** * Recipe: {{item:3114}} Forbidden Idol + {{item:3801}} Crystalline Bracer + 650 g (2100 g total) * +400 health, +75% HP regen, +75% mana regen, +10% CDR * Passive; +10% Healing and Shielding Power * Active: Target an area within 5500 Range. After 2.5 seconds call down a beam of light to heal allies for 130 - 490 Health, burn enemies for 10% of their maximum health as **true** damage and deal 250 damage to minions. (120 second cooldown) * **CAN BE USED WHILE DEAD** though you can't use it if you just bought it while dead. Now this is potentialy the best item design of the season, mostly because it's the first item in the history of LoL you can use while dead. The 2.5s delay is actually a lot, but you can use it as a zone deny tool during dragon/baron/tower fights. It also comboes really cool with Bard's ultimate. I absolutely love the item and using it has been tons of fun. Side note: I'm surprised it isn't named "(Referral Person)'s Redemption". You could bring back names of some people who lost their items in the meantime, like Wriggle or Grez. > {{item:3401}} **Face of the Mountain** * Active: Now shields your ally **and** yourself upon cast. Self-casting will now target the nearest most wounded ally, similar to Heal. Pretty neat and needed, considering the removal of Aegis aura. > {{item:2303}} **Eye of the Equinox** > * HP Regen: 100% >> 200% Not the change I was looking for. Talisman seems to be the more dedicated regen item, and the main problem with Equinox is that it's the only Eyestone without CDR. And Tanks, unlike Enchanters, are CDR-starved, especially now that Lockets loses its CDR. We'll talk more about it later. > http://i.imgur.com/aKwfU8i.jpg **Knight's Vow****(NEW ITEM)** * Recipe: {{item:3801}} Crystalline Bracer + {{item:3801}} Crystalline Bracer + {{item:1029}} Cloth Armor + 800 g (2400 g total) * +400 Health, +100% health regen, +20 armor * Active: Designate an ally as your *partner*. (90 second cooldown) * Passive: If your partner is nearby, gain +40 armor, and +15% movement speed while moving towards them. You heal for 12% of the damage they deal to enemy champions and redirect 12% of the damage they take to you. This effect is halved for ranged champions. Well, this is THE Warden item. Perfect for the likes of Braum, really. Bond of Stone on crack is one thing, but the MS boost and channeled lifesteal is absolutely insane. I feel like in most cases there won't be any choice here. As long as the ADC is the most important position in the teamcomp, Knight's Vow will continue to be a must-have on every support. > {{item:3050}} **Zeke's Harbinger** * Combine Cost: 480 g >> 380 g (2250 g total, down from 2350) The item will still feel awkward to buy on pretty much any champion. Sure, the effect is powerful, but those amp tomes are just one big meh. It's the same issue as that old 3-component Aegis build: "The recipe is silly and feels awful because we don't want toplaners and junglers to buy it". And supports will apparently eat up anything you force them to suffer. I'd seriously consider replacing the amp tomes with an Aether Wisp or something else entirely. And if midlaners start buying it, so be it. > {{item:2302}} **Eye of the Oasis** * Combine Cost: 550 g >> 250 g (1900 g total, down from 2200) That is a pretty low combine cost , and it would make the item worthwhile if it wasn't for the fact that a) Eye of the Watchers grants 10% CDR out of nowhere already b) nobody buys Coin for the laning phase, but rather endures it to get access to Talisman. {{item:3069}} **Talisman of Ascension** * Combine Cost: 450 g >> 350 g (2400 g total, down from 2500) "I'll go Coin because Talisman is 100g cheaper than FotM" - said no one ever. The Coin line is pretty weak at the moment overall. The passive just isn't nearly as impactful as Relic Shield or Spellthief's Edge. IMO it should affect your ally as well. I'd consider a mana regenerating effect - whenever your ally kills a minion, you and your ally get a small amount of Mana. {{item:3110}} **Frozen Heart** * Combine Cost: 800 g >> 700 g (2700 g total, down from 2800) This is still a luxury item for tank supports, as it doesn't protect your allies from anything that's not continuous basic attacks. Both AD and AP burst will pretty much ignore it. The discount is pretty neat, but it's not an item to rush - it will always go as 2nd/3rd. --- #CDR Overload on Enchanters, CDR Starvation on Supportanks Cooldown reduction is a peculiar stat. It brings the most value the more you have, but once you go over the cap, it all goes to waste. Enchanters suffer the most from it. Forbidden Idol seems like a perfect building block for them, and they'd gladly buy all 3 of this upgrades for the insane healing and shielding power (all together, +40%). This problem is especially evident when you rush Athene's Unholy Grail - you cap CDR easily, but then you waste stats on any further support items you buy, be that Zeke's or the Idol upgrades. Basically you finish Eye of the Watchers or FQC, get Ionians, and it's 20% CDR already. Athenes means you get 40% CDR (45 with mastery), but waste any Idol items from then on. And Athenes is a healing/shielding item after all. A simple remedy to fix that would be an item or mastery that does *something* with excessive CDR. This would make endgame heavy-shielding builds feel less unrewarding. Example: > Suggested Solution: **Sapphire Sightstone** * Recipe: {{item:2049}} Sightstone + {{item:1027}} Sapphire Crystal + 350g (1500g total) * +200 health, +300 mana * Passive: Converts your excessive Cooldown Reduction into Ability Power (20 AP per 10% CDR). Supportanks, on the other hand, will have immense CDR problems now that Locket has lost it. They get 10% CDR from FotM, but not from the Eye of the Equinox. If they want to leave Relic Shield and rush Knight's Vow or Locket, two insanely important protection items, they can end up with 0% CDR. Sure, FH and SV have plenty of CDR, but these two are kinda "selfish" tank items used by bruisers and juggernauts alike. As it is, **supportanks have no Kindlegem items** aside from FotM. Spirit Visage isn't really a support item. And supportanks would much rather go for mobis, tabi or mercs, rather than ionians. The solution here is pretty simple: **replace one of the Crystalline Bracers to a Kindlegem** like you did with Warmog's. It doesn't have to be in Knight's Vow, it might as well be Righteous Glory. Giving it CDR could make it a neat Vanguard item for the likes of Leona. I don't mean that Knight's Vow is too weak - it seems too overloaded, in fact - but the lack of CDR is going to force some awkward moves like having to go for CDR runes. --- Overall the issues with itemization are as follows: * Stacking three AD+MR items (Edge of Night, Maw of Malmortius, Mercurial Scimitar) might make the AD vs AP matchup impossibly overwhelming * Enchanter supports will continue overcapping CDR * Tank supports, on the contrary, might be starved on CDR * Ancient Coin line is still garbage * Rylai's nerf when?
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