Played few games and finally got to support. Quickly noticed the upgraded red trinket doesn't show stealth champions and only gives you a creative but lackluster rengar stealth icon. I feel it gives stealth champions a lot more forgiveness and requires you or a teammate to drop a pink. Which is fine but without any yellow upgrades and lack of inventory space are we supposed to handicap our builds to ensure safety to our carries? Mostly a QQ post because I like being responsible for proper vision and not letting my carries get assassinated yet feel at times will hurt progressing builds and without a pink I'm reliant on my teammates to due to proper thing. Obviously the release statement read work as a team to gain/control vision but this is more reading a team fight/protecting a carry rather than vision. The reason I'm a support main is due to people being lackluster with preemptive warding and or fiddlesticks warding key areas/flanks. Suggestions 1) Pink slot not attached to 6 slots 2) Yellow upgrade to pink for carries to be self-reliant. 3) Oracles back on sweeper as neat as the new stealth thing is it doesn't serve a purpose. Will use this as general feedback post from my PoV with edits/etc
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