{{champion:154}} The ability has some MAJOR "Hey Nifty!" to it and I really like that aspect ... but the usability is off. It's really hard to control the 2nd hit. Right now I'm just using a bot and the practice tool and I usually find myself accidentally autoing the target of the Q canceling the rubber-band immediately. I can't imagine trying to make that work in a team-fight. Was the idea of a double cast explored? I know you probably don't want people to have to land two skill shots to make the ability good, but could you set up a Skill Shot followed by a Targeted? Right now that's how I'm trying to make it work by hitting the Skill shot - hitting S to make sure nothing else happens then using A to help target my auto. It'd be nice if I could Q -> Skill-Shot -> Q -> Click Target -> Rubber Band! Obviously there'd be a recast window like Rumble's E or other similar abilities.
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