rune rework and AP junglers/ nidalee

i just played a game as with new runes. now on live i can do a leashless clear of blue>gromp> wolves >red> krugs if i use one pot at red buff (i can do it potless if i do scuttle before red when i am really low but i don't like to get near the river at low hp for obvious reasons) on pbe with the new runes... i had to take all 3 red pots to even survive through wolves before i need to back now i am suspecting that is is because instead of having 33 armor, 26 ap and 5 cdr... i have... let see 10 ap? that goes up to 17 if i am at a higher hp, which i won't be on my very first clear, 28 armor, i also dont have tough skin (2 less damage per hit vs monsters, or 15% less cooldown on smite for another heal or runic armor for 8% stronger heals (yes i run 0/18/12) i also dont get thunderlords proc on jungler camps with slows it down even further there are not very many ap junglers out there.. and maybe i get stronger as the games goes on. ( i am having ping spike issues on pbe that isnt fixing) but if i cant even complete my first clear. it donest look good one solution i thought of was to just give {{item:1039}} 15 ap.. becuase that would be 25 ap instead of 10.. but that woudl screw up the jungle items for all AD paths when completed honestly the only real solution is to just flat out GIVE ap champions 15 BASE ap thats what we all lost, just give is that back and the issue is solved. as for the runes i ran although i thought of swapping absolute focus for celerity (because of my hunted passive) i just have dont the math on that yet i REALLY wish i could get both i don't see why those are on the same row..
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