A Viktor Main's opinion on the Changes

Hello, all, I'll just cut to the chase and get right into it. Texture/Skin Opinion: Let's start first and foremost with the particle and texture changes to Viktor, I love the changes to the original Viktor and his skins, he looks polished and handles really well, it is an aesthetic pleasure to play with him, great job on that. What I would love to see as a final touch is to implement different colours to the Singularity's Vortex as per skin as well as a change to the explosions of the Laser. Auto Attack Animations: The second thing that I would like to point out is the changes to his auto attacks and the way they work with the "Sheen" effect from his Q ability. The auto attack changes are an extremely welcomed addition to Viktor, imho, it feels very precise and smooth when I auto attack with the changes, whereas the old Viktor's auto attacks had a slight problem where the attack animation was initiated, but the projectile failed to fire off immediately, which lead to a slight desync and a general problem for me with last hitting when I initially started playing him. The problem is completely removed now and I feel new players will be happy because of this as well. SIPHON POWER (Q): Alright, this one is a bit interesting, because of the radical change in how it works. Right off the bat I would like to say that out of the whole kit of the new Viktor, I was surprised to find out that the AUTO ATTACK(Yes, the auto attack, Lich Bane effect of the Q) did the MOST DAMAGE. -The Positives:The lower cooldown is a nice change, because with the recent changes, Viktor players are encouraged to auto attack more frequently, thus making Lich Bane as an item that much more appealing, the changes themselves offer a chance for Viktor players to try out diverse builds and experiment more with that aspect of gameplay. The encouragement for experimenting with builds is even further reinforced by the fact that the Q's general cooldown has been reduced to 4 Seconds (I feel like I am not forced to purchase CDR items every game). The Augmentation of the Q has always been very appealing and the "Sheen" effect of the auto attack feels even smoother and perfectly executed than the Auto Attacks themselves. If you decide to build some Cooldown Reduction items, however, you're in for a treat, the general Cooldown of the Q is less than 3.5 seconds and the fact that the "Ghost" effect from the Augmentation has a 2.5 seconds duration means that you will spend a good portion of your time "Sprinting", this AND the W changes I feel are the most impactful to Viktor and they fix a LOT of his mobility/utility problems that he is currently facing. The increase of the range is also a much needed bonus, it makes the ability more responsive. Last but not least, I love the fact that the shield is now INSTANT, this was something that I was thinking about (Won't it be great if the shield was instant) ever since I saw the Kassadin Changes -The Negatives: Alright, here is where it gets tricky... I personally feel that although Viktor is more engaging from a gameplay perspective with the Q's "Sheen" effect, it unnecessarily complicates his core gameplay, you now not only have to do your full combo in less than half a second, but you also have to sneak an auto attack in there. As I said, Viktor has become much more engaging in the way he works but at the same time he has become slightly less "Usable" for lack of a better term. With the increase of the range of the Q I feel it's only fair to transfer a good portion of the Damage from his "Sheen" effect auto attack to the Q itself, at this point it does hilariously low damage on top of its bad scaling, in my eyes the AA should be the tool that compliments the ability itself, not the other way around. -Suggestions and thoughts: Overall the changes of the Q in terms of range and CDR are good, but although I am not for the removal of the "Sheen" effect, because it is a fun addition to Viktor, I would love to see a power swap from the Auto Attack going to the Q itself, maybe a slightly higher AP scaling on the Q and less on the AA itself. Another RADICAL SUGGESTION is to rework the ABILITY ITSELF, making it look a little more like this- "Viktor now launches a projectile at his target dealing X amounts of damage, applying a STICKY BOMB that explodes after 1/2 seconds for an X amount of damage(this will basically override the auto attack with the "Sheen" effect that we currently use on the PBE), Viktor then instantly gains a Shield that absorbs X amounts of damage." I feel like this is highly unlikely as his relaunch is approaching quite soon but I just like the idea of it. GRAVITY FIELD (W): In terms of usability, the skill feels much more pleasant and responsive, I like the changes to the range, however there are a few things that I did not like: -The Positives: The range is amazing, it completely fixes (along with the utility from the Q) the problems that Viktor was facing, currently, Viktor on higher Elo struggles to use his W as an offensive tool, although I am aware that using it defensively indirectly translates to an aggressive counter-engage approach, but unless you Flash into the enemy or you are chasing with your team and they are CCing the enemy you are pretty much forced to use it defensively. I am more than happy with the utility buff that it has received but this is pretty much where my praise to the changes end. -The Negatives: Let's talk a bit about the Augmentation and how it changes the gameplay. I personally feel that the Augmentation, along with the change that removes the slow after the stun is really troublesome and, not to sound too overboard with this, but it breaks the ability almost completely. The vortex that it creates in order to pull stunned enemies into the middle DOES NOT make up for the fact that the slow is missing from the ability. How the slow works currently is that not only are enemies slowed within the radius of the ability, but they are slowed briefly as well after leaving the circle because the debuff does not end instantly. It is a good thought from a creative perspective to cause a vacuum that sucks targets to the middle, but overall, if you look at the big picture the CC and utility of the current Gravity Field is superior in that regard. -Suggestions and thoughts: Remove completely the effect of the augmentation, do not touch the slow and stun. The new Augmentation could be something like: "The slow effect from the Gravity Field now persists after the stun on enemies caught within it wears off". This should be a good trade since, let's face it, pulling the in the middle AND leaving the stun after that would be OVERKILL. At this point this ability is a 50/50 for me, I feel that the changes to the usability are good, but the trade off at least for me is not worth it. DEATH RAY (E): Alright, this one is a bit tricky... First of all I, as a Viktor player, am extremely grateful that you did not change the way the laser's trajectory mechanics work. Now, I realize that the "Perfect Hex Core" itself provides incredible amounts of AP on level 18 (even before that), but let's face it, even that is not quite enough to make up for the difference between the new and the old Death Ray. -The Positives: None, aside from keeping the laser's core targeting mechanics the same. -The Negatives: Alright, as I said, his abilities feel more engaging, but engaging does not always mean rewarding. I just want to chuck this in that, as previously mentioned, the explosion in the Death Ray's wake seems quite underwhelming, but that is a mere cosmetic change and it does not rattle me quite as much as the gameplay changes to the laser. Nothing more to say really, the relaunch is almost at hand and I don't feel like they will make any drastic changes aside from cosmetic ones. -Suggestions and thoughts: I don't think I can really suggest anything on this but I'm just going to throw a random "Don't apply anything special to the laser, just make it so the augmentation gives it a flat 30-40% damage increase, or make it scale better, because at this point it is the least useful ability of all, wave clearing is still there, but it is not as easy. CHAOS STORM (R): Alright, this is incredibly frustrating, because I feel that although it has slightly increased usability, it's utility and damage have been severely gutted. -The Positives: So the thing with the new Chaos Storm is that it feels good, it's like getting behind the wheel of a new sports car, it's responsive, maneuverable, etc. The effects are less intrusive which I would say is not a big bonus at least for me, I prefer it to be heavy and intimidating, but that's just a personal opinion. A great change is also the increased radius of the initial impact. -The Negatives: Alright, the removal of the SILENCE is the BIGGEST problem that we have, even the ticking frequency is not that big of a hit. Let me explain... Here is how the current Viktor works on higher Elo. You poke with 1 or 2 lasers to get your enemy down to roughly 60% HP depending on the tankiness of said enemy, you then proceed to FLASH IN, ULTI, E, then Q for a total of less than HALF A SECOND, this is exactly the time needed to execute your full combo if you have good ping and fast hands, the same amount of time that the SILENCE (that BTW got REMOVED) lasts. It is a huge hit indeed. The other thing that I don't appreciate is the tick frequency change, basically the frequency of which the Chaos Storm applies damage to your enemies has been reduced, which directly translates into less damage overall, the movement speed bonus does not really help you out, because (roll back a bit) the silence is removed, which means that enemies can now freely FLASH away as well as use escape mechanisms in order to safely distance themselves from you and your "Vortex of Annihilation". -Suggestions and thoughts: Make the Augmentation's passive 20% movement speed increase be a part of the ability's core, since it feels clumsy EVEN after the rework. Change the Augmentation to something a bit more like this - "Chaos Storm now has a 0.5 seconds silence its tick frequency is now 0.25". AUGMENTATION: PERFECT CORE- I believe this is a great addition and although it still takes a spot of your inventory, I feel that it is more rewarding due to the massive AP gain and the Mana that it provides, effectively allowing you to bypass the purchase of Mana Efficient items (Still prefer him with some CDR) Q: In its core the augmentation remains the same, but with the reduced Cooldown on the Siphon Power is provides even better utility and Survivability, as well as an aded way to secure kills. I have added my suggestion on how to change/improve it in the beginning of the post. W: Very fluid and fun to use now, serves a good defensive and now a good offensive purpose, but the removal of the slow are a bit too much, the vacuum does not counterbalance the loss of the slowing effect. E: It's open for suggestions, the Explosions are a fun change, but I would prefer RAW POWER instead of a gimmicky finish to it, if you're going to make it gimmicky, at least make it flashier (go Michael Bay on that Laser's behind). R: Highly disappointed in the changes and I feel like the 20% movement speed (if not even 30%) should have always been there since even on PBE it's not rewarding to use. FINAL THOUGHTS: Okay, with all of the changes, I mostly welcome them since they will break Viktor a bit and make him more engaging and fun to play, but I feel that overall he has received more nerfs than buffs. I also love how he is an apportunistic, high reward champion that can one shot people, if played correctly, but I am afraid that his role will be changed to more of a support caster, instead of nuker, I must admit, it's fun to give importance to his auto attacks but I just don't see him as an auto attack reliant champion. The utility he has fixes literally all of the problems that I can think of that he currently faces, but I am not sure the trade off is worth it, since his damage potential has been lowered, not by much, mind you, because the damage is still there, it's just a bit harder to execute that damage, due to the way he works now. I've created a new thread, simply because the post is too long and it will take 3-4 smaller posts to break down. PS: I am streaming regularly on Twitch.tv/Ezdul and I am playing Viktor on PBE as well as on Live, would love to hear your opinions on this, discussing it with viewers. I wish everyone a great weekend.
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