Please Allow Solo Kaiser to Use W to Some Degree

When Mordekaiser is by his lonesome he feels extremely vulnerable. It's not the notion of reliance that I have a problem with, but in the case of Mordekaiser particularly I feel that it's unbecoming both thematically and mechanically for him to be so dependent on an ally's presence. Yes, he can cast W on an opponent/dragon that he's stolen, but in his PBE iteration an opponent has to make some very questionable decisions in order to actually be solo'd by the master of metal. Is this as it should be? Should Mordekaiser not be allowed to steal a member from the enemy team by himself as he can on live servers? CertainlyT's stance on this question was obviously no: Morde should require proper team coordination for his 6v4 scenario to be realized. To be honest I don't think that position is wrong, but I strongly feel that Morde's issues could be dealt with in a better fashion that allows him to retain a threatening presence by himself. To get back on point, it simply feels **awful ** for this champion --this awesome, mysterious, pizza-footed suit of armour-- to have only 3 spells in a solo lane. It just doesn't make sense for a being of his nature to need a babysitter merely to use his full rotation of abilities. Reduce the effectiveness on W with self casts or minion casts, or even give W a passive aspect geared toward solo lanes, just so long as he can do _something_ with it.
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