lack of counters to kalista in outside of botlane.

I am not here to say Kalista is over powered (that's for another post :P), but I am here to say she has a bit too much power in lanes other than her role as adc. The primary example is top lane where the most common foe will be a melee fighter or tank. Though it is not uncommon to go up against ranged foes in top lane Kalista's passive gives her mobility so long as there is a target. With zero cooldown (save for attack speed) kalista can out maneuver any melee champion with no ill affects. Unless that melee character has extreme engage and heavy cc (pretty much only a stun or snare) kalista will be entirely safe from them. Though ganks do help most junglers also are melee based champions who can only cc for a short period of time overall. What I feel is that there needs to be a more clear way to deal with kalista as to give melee champions even an options short of hugging the turret until late game when the mage or adc can gank. I've seen a number of diffferent attempts, but there is no counter short of waiting 20 minutes for your adc (who may or may not even be able to help based on their lane) to show up. I'm some what reminded of melee champs trying to play on ARAM. They have no safe chances to engage or disengage without a strong ranged champ to back them up. I just want some sort of idea of how we can get handle this as I like when people don't follow the meta, but this tactic seems to be without counters.
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