With the changes to Nidalee, her traps no longer feel impactful. I suggest the traps give a debuff that increases damage dealt by Nidalee spear for a short period of time since her gameplay would revolve around her hitting her spear for the mark and jumping in for the kill and this new trap effect would accentuate that importance imo. Also if her Q remains as the only ability that can mark the target I feel the width should be increased just a tad bit so she feel too unreliable. Nidalee also lacks any reliable disengage even though she is classified as an assassin which I believe was stated as a core design of what an assassin should have, so I feel these slight buffs to her spears and traps are what she needs to compensate for that weakness. Right now in pro play Nidalee is built semi tanky brawler with the intention of hitting point blank spears and doing your full mark combo which I think takes away from Nidalee's huntress theme. These changes may push her play style into thinking more carefully where to place traps and using them to hit devastating spears and jumping in when the enemy is weakest. Thanks for your time, hope Nidalee is pushed into this much more unique and healthier play style.
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