Warlord's Bloodlust

I had an idea about how to make Warlord's Bloodlust less appealing to Yasuo and Tryndamere, while still buffing it (assuming the recent PBE changes showed that riot wants to give the mastery some extra oompf). Here it is: Instead of giving extra lifesteal on crits, the energized attack now has double the champion's usual critical chance (lifesteal changed to 5-50%). This will be unappealing to a Yasuo since he already gets 100% crit by default and will make the mastery more consistent for ADCs, who rarely go above 50% crit. It will also discourage Tryndamere's use of the mastery, as Tryndas often go above 50% crit as part of chasing extra attack speed. I kinda feel that the mastery will still need something extra after that though, to make it more appealing for marksmen. For example charging faster on crits, or when moving away from champions...
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