List of champions who needs compensation for AD marks removal and haven't gotten it yet.

The last two patches, riot added a lot of compensation 5 damage buff to abilities to compensate for AD marks removal. These buffs went to Kha zix, Fiora, Riven, Jax, Jarvan, Renekton and other AD top laners and junglers, but there is still a lot of champions who should also be getting compensation and isn't getting it as of yet. Most of the champions without the compensation are weak and would really need this compensation when high power picks are getting it to keep up with them a bit. I'm making this list in no particular order so riot can do it. Poppy Q + 5 damage, Poppy E + 5 damage Darius Q + 5 damage Garen Q + 5 damage Talon W + 5 damage Wukong Q + 5 damage, Wukong E + 5 damage Zed Q + 5 damage, Zed E + 5 damage Aatrox Q + 5 damage, Aatrox W + 5 damage Hecarim Q + 5 damage, Hecarim E + 5 damage Irelia Q + 5 damage Nasus Q + 5 damage Kayn Q + 5 damage Master Yi Q + 5 damage Nocturne Q + 5 damage Pantheon Q (debatable) + 5 damage Trundle Q + 5 damage Tryndamere E + 5 damage Sion Q + 5 damage Vi Q or / and E + 5 damage Udyr Q + 5 damage Volibear Q + 5 damage Yorick Q + 5 damage Xin zhao Q + 5 damage Edit: Removed Olaf Q Since I missed it. Will Edit to add more if any of you find one that I missed.
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