Udyr Rework criticisms 7.15 PBE

[ctrl+f "udyr" to see the changes](http://www.surrenderat20.net/2017/07/711-pbe-update.html#balance) keep in mind i am not an experienced udyr player, i just have an interest in making sure he comes out of this in good shape, so take it with a grain of salt **Tiger feels very bad**. This is my biggest gripe for sure. The 6-second DOT that refreshes instead of stacking or reapplying as burst feels very anti-synergistic with the AS steroid. Right now it only feels good for applying the DOT once to get the AS steroid and then switching to Phoenix. I would like this stance to be a little more valuable on its own, as someone who really likes playing Tiger builds. **Turtle and Bear stance don't benefit from his new passive.** This strikes me as a very confusing and annoying thing. Both stances could stand to be made a little more interesting and I think this new passive would be a very good way to implement that. **Passive giving CDR feels weird.** I'm not sure if this is constricting his build paths or opening them up. I'm much more comfortable with having 40% CDR at all times because it lets me cycle through Bear Form for mobility, but that quickly becomes gold inefficient once you build your passive up. I'm finicky about this; it feels good-ish early game but not so much later on, especially when so many tank items have gotten CDR stuffed into them. it's a decent start, phoenix feels really good with triforce and fervor, but i think this needs a little more work
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