Thoughts on the Diana pbe changes

The new Diana changes on the pbe are confusing me a little bit. The q change is nice, but the change to her attack speed is a little bit weird. She doesn't really have many matchups where she is able to consistently auto trade; even if she could she doesn't really have much of her damage focused around it. It might open up some sort of weird on hit build, but that sounds more concerning than anything else. Diana is just in a very awkward position at the moment. Her early game is abysmal especially into the current mid meta. She has a brief spike mid game, and falls off pretty hard. The itemization is also rough on her with banshee's veil mid, and guardian angel bot (this is going to make changes to her awkward if you ever decide to take those items out of meta...). Her mana economy is very poor, and she doesn't get a ton of rewards for what she does (other champs are safer and do everything she does better). She also doesn't necessarily make sense based on her lore/design concept. ---------------------------------------- She should be the bruiser mage, she is an incarnation of wrath that leaps into the fray 1v3 and tears everyone apart. She should be midgame focused; so the pacing should be a little bit weaker in lane to give her opponents a bit of time to steel themselves for the fury they would have to withstand. Then she backs off a bit as the game becomes later unless she's able to pick someone off. Her passive is an interesting creature, I think the cleave is in an okay place, but it feels lackluster since she's suppose to be this badass moon empowered Templar. Her q should be able to hit turrets, so that she can speed up the pacing of the game, moonlight should also give extra damage if she hits them with her auto attack (also puts more decision making on using her ult for the reset). It also would work fairly well with the change you added, so that it would make that attack speed matter. Her w should give her movement speed so that she can get in range to use the moonlight (maybe can just have it active while the shield is running) Her e should also so champions for a little bit so that she gets more time to auto them down. Her ult is in a decent place I think; not a gameplay change, but I would really like to see it cause some sort of an explosion when she dashes. Her lore talks about this amazing moment where she is consumed by rage and filled with the moons energy, but I don't really feel like her kit gives any moments to experience this in a game. It's just hard with the way it's coded to give it anything without it becoming broken. Maybe it could activate cleave when it consumes moonlight since good Diana players will already have that stacked anyways. Just my thoughts after playing her for a long time. I would really like to see her playable again, but it's hard for her to be good without being broken and frustrating. Thank you for reading! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After more time with the changes, they honestly feel really bad. It makes her clunky and slow, and really hurts her early last hitting. Please don't go live with these changes...
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