Battle Boost IP edition?

i think the Battle Boost is a nice idea, however since it costs RP it wont get used much. so i'm going to try to break down the pros and Cons of it and then add in an IP idea, that could be used in all modes. ***RP Boost*** **RP Battle Boost**: 1 game IP boost for you and your team: this is nice, you get more ip for your game, however its not as much as other modes because Howling Abyss games are usually shorter. **Unlocks all skins available**: this is nice because it lets you test out skins you don't have and say "maybe i should buy this skin, i enjoy the different animations from the normal skin". it also lets you test out skins you can't get anymore; i got to test out **RUSTED BLITZCRANK** this is a skin I've always wanted to test out because it's one of the rarest skins in the game. **Pros**: 1) you get to unlock all the skins for your team, no more worrying about someone not having a skin, and not looking cool 2) you get to test out rare skins and expensive skins that normally you wouldn't buy (Ex: Pulsefire Ezreal, Rusted Blitz) 3) IP boost it's not as much as a SR game boost, but it's something 4) your entire team gets all these benifits, yay for giving! **Cons**: 1) it only lasts one game, and the games can be anywhere from 15-30 minutes if no one DCs 2) it costs 150 rp, so after buying two boosts you could buy any 520RP (or less) skin that is on sale, after 3 Boosts you can buy any 520 RP (or less) skin that's not on sale, or any 750 RP skin thats on sale, after buying 5 boosts you could buy any 750 RP (or less) skin and a 1350RP skin that is on sale. 2.1) you can also buy normal IP boosts for prices of 160, 290, 520, 670 RP 2.2) you can also buy any ward skin after buying 5 boosts 2.3) you can also buy any icon after buying 2 boosts **Overview**: it's a very fun idea, pay a small amount of RP get an IP boost and a skin for a game, and for a whole team. however because its RP i don't think it will be used much, except by people who want to test out skins they cant get anymore, and by people who have a 150 RP laying around that they won't end up using or people who just are very generous and want to have fun with it. ***IP IDEA*** I'm suggesting an IP cost that will allow people to borrow skins. (PS: N= a number) **Example**: Player X goes into solo Queue. after everyone is done picking their roles, Player X picks Master Yi, a champion he has no skins for, and locks in. while locked in he goes to the skin selection for Master Yi; two of the skins are outlined in green. these two skins are Assassin Master Yi, and Headhunter Master Yi. Player X hovers his mouse over Assassin Master Yi and sees " N IP" and then hovers his mouse over Headhunter Master Yi it says " N+1 IP". Player X has always wanted to try out Headhunter Master Yi so he clicks on the skin portrait and a little icon appears that lets says "Pay (N)+1 IP to use HeadHunter Master Yi for this game" he clicks on the icon and pays N+1 IP and gets to use the skin for this game. these two skins actually belong to Player Y, and because he has these skins, anyone who plays Master Yi while on a team with Player Y can pay the IP price of those skins and use the borrowed skin for that game. as an added bonus Player Y also gets paid a small amount of IP for having people borrow his skins. this feature can only be done 3 times a week or perhaps can only be done an unlimited amount of times but during a set time frame set by riot, much like when featured games modes come out.the price of borrowing also depends on the skin being borrowed. **End Statement**: I feel as if this idea would be used much more, and provide as an IP Sink for some people as well as an IP generator for others. on top of that it would also let people test out skins that they might want to buy in the future without the trouble of buying it, not liking it, and then either regretting the purchase or having to refund it and this feature can be used in any game mode.

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