Stretching Strikes should allow Zac to pull himself to his target with the second autoattack

Creates options, versatility. Also, Zac's damage got gutted too hard for how little extra utility you actually gave him. In fact, you arguably took some away in a lot of realistic situations because of how you took away half of his Slingshot knockup duration. Additionally, you could accentuate more usage of Zac's W and pathing in order to deal more damage when played well. Like actually heightening skillcap with awareness and quick pathing. Which is probably the highest skillcap concept this champion has as a player who achieved rank 1 with him. Maybe up the % on it. Orrr give Elastic Slingshot it's rightful stats back. At least the damage OR the duration. Please. I feel like you guys undersold Zac's skillcap. There is a lot of footwork I pulled off to gain insane elo with this champion, mainly revolving around the W and maximizing damage output. There's definitely a pretty big skillfloor compared to most junglers. Just a thought.

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