A BIG PBE RANT, ehm i mean *constructive criticism* (HELLO RIOT)

ok so this thread will be about the PBE in general...if you agree / disagree or want to put your 2 cents in here please do so all opininions welcome :) so here we go... talkingz about THA PB-EEEEH.. 1) in theory, I LOVE IT!!!, because i get to shape the game, be a part of the decision process behind the evolution of LOL, also i get to play around with content first which has to be awesome 2) In practice, I HATE IT! the 250+ ping from mainland europe, makes it unplayable, then you take the time to make a few posts on this forum for a red to read, but instead they chillout on NA servers. why would you, as a game designer prefer to chill out and read rants from 10 year olds on NA who whine about how their favourite champion gets a nerf and how RITO is unfair... instead morello and co should read Our stuff and learn from it (come to our side...we have cookies!!!!), we played the champ, we lived the lags, we saw THE SH!T happening...or not! Goddamm'it...so please take into consideration our comments on abilities. also filter players... 99% of pbe players never even heard of theses forums... force them to write about champions. if not play get rid of them and put them on regular servers... 3)so things you could and should fix or improve: -"normal"ping for euw and rest of non MURICA'H i'd love to play normals on PBE but with 200 ping its pretty silly to even try do more than botgames. -more reds here... parrots welcome too ^^ seriously your RITO staff rocks! and some more life in here would be good :) -more motivated players on the PBE & Forum... license loss done in mid 2013 was a good step towards efficiency of PBE. -put youtubers/theorycrafters and dataminers on premium PBE Access... them boyz need it and they bring out the intel on the big public, so cut them some slack and give them the premium membership. -add more croudsourcing opportunities to us: like which changes do you think would be more interesting??? (for example: remove hp or armor from locket) before implying them... we become your smartfilter and we have ideas too plus we work for free (YAY RITO makes more $$$). -allow champion ideas to be posted here directly by allowing normal non PBE players get access to PBE forums and if they show interest and investment they get PBE game access. -Bring stuff to PBE in a more RAW state so we get to experiment with it a little... like khazix back in the days, not simple visual bug testing...like we did on the last 5 champs... trust me we can tell you in 5 sec if that champ is gonna have toxic mechanics. -allow a Huge fan to feel his efforts are validated by actually reading what i wrote... AWWW YESSS YOU READ IT YAY!!! i Luv you RIOT <3 Yours sincerely a BIIIG Fan of the PBE
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