Soraka Rework - Balance / Feel thoughts

I love that soraka is finally going to be a dedicated healer. I've been waiting for this for a really long time. I think her kit is overall better that it is in live, but it has quite a bit of flaws. I will break down the feedback in points of interest so that it isn't a big wall of text, and I'll only comment on the parts that I feel are lacking. This is what I have to say: **Salvation:** It feels like a good passive, but it feels really clunky. * Game time differences: 1. Early it feels useless (most of the time you are right next to your ally) 2. Mid it's really good and you can feel it helps quite a lot to reach your ally. 3. In teamfights it's useless most of the time unless you want to heal the tank, as you are next to your carries most of the time. * Feel/clunkyness: 1. When going through the jungle, you passive activates and deactivates reapeatedly, as you are not going in a straight line. 2. The particles are too subtle for a 70% MS boost. The particles should say "HUGE MS BOOST", and not "subtle ms boost". 3. The MS boost enabling and disabling continuously is really annoying. * Suggestions: 1. Make the boost last for 1 or 2 seconds after you stop moving in the direction of the wounded ally. This would allow some manouvering and remove the clunkyness. **Touch of the cosmos:** This passive, although it is a nerf to her tank capabilities doesn't feel like it. It feels more like a unique trait that makes you say things like "Chalice is soo good, it gives her AP instead of MR", even when it's not true. This is some good design here, making a nerf feel like a buff. Nothing to say here. **Starcall:** Overall improvement from her old Q, but falls short in what could have been done. * Feel/clunkyness: 1. I don't know why a falling star has different speeds depending on the distance from soraka. It just makes little to no thematic sense. Balace-wise it is understandable, but you'd have to change the ability for it to make sense. 2. The type of skillshot is not good for this type of ability. AoE with sweetspot is good for making you aim your shot before using the ability. This makes it a really good fit for long-range high-cooldown abilities, as it increases the reward you can give someone, but it adds tension to it's use. The amount of tension you release when you are rewarded changes with the reward, but the amount of tension that builds up is independent of the reward, as you always have to aim it. This means that a spammable ability with this trait is going to build a lot of tension that's not going to be realeased appropriately. * Balance: 1. Mana cost is way too high for what it does. I get OOM really quickly. 2. AP ratio is really low for the base damage it has. Not a big deal because she won't be getting tons of AP as a support, but it takes too much ap to double the base damage. * Suggestions: 1. Change the theme on her Q. The falling star theme doesn't allow you to make that ability right. I'd suggest making her create a star from her staff and making it explode (like fireworks) as a way to make the time difference make sense. 2. Remove the sweetspot. It doesn't add anything to the ability. 3. Reduce the mana cost. **Astral Infusion:** Really good improvement, but it suffers from the Zilean bomb syndrome. * Game time differences: 1. Early it's a bit OP. It gives your ally invencibility status, but on the other hand if the enemy focuses you, you'll just die. 2. Mid it's balanced. I can heal my allies really well, and her ult helps a lot. 3. Late it's useless. You don't have enough HPS to avoid your ADC's death, and healing a tank is not woth it, as you're giving him less than 10% of their health most of the time, which is less than the cost of the spell. * Feel/clunkyness: 1. I heal minions and full health champions too much. * Suggestions: 1. Add some way to scale the ability outside of just leveling it. This is the only ability soraka scales her heal with, and it stops at lvl 9. I'd add a passive to her ult to improve it's effectiveness on the later stages of the game. 2. Make healing champions in need easier to do. I don't want to be healing full health minions or champions. **Equinox:** Awesome improvement. This is the ability that is closest to a release state apart from her ult. * Feel/clunkyness: 1. I can't see the snare particles well enough. * Suggestions: 1. Make the snare particles more visible. **Wish:** Nothing to say about this. It is almost the same as live, and it is awesome.

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