Champion Update: Fiora is awesome!

Fiora is now incredibly unique. Her skill cap is now tremendous, requiring very strong mechanics in order to play her effectively. Experience and knowledge are also necessary as there are quite a few neat "hidden" mechanics/combos that greatly amplify her power. Here are a couple combos I found: 1. Generic combo (while moving and aiming for the passive proc when possible) Auto→E1→Q→Hydra->E2 - On text, it seems pretty simple, but it takes a while to get down because you have to do this in almost a second. 2. Quadruple true damage combo [1 regular proc] Auto→R→[1 ult proc] E1→[2 ult proc} Q→Flash→[3 ult proc] E2 - Boom 5-18% x4 true damage in less than 2 seconds. Add a Hydra active in there somewhere too. Whether your enemy is a 400 armor Malphite, a 5k HP Sion, or a squishy ADC, they are all the same to this combo. Here are some neat tricks I found: 1. She can kill inhibitors incredibly fast because her second E proc, E2, cannot be used on inhibitors, so she can whack them with +50% attack speed relentlessly. 2. She can use her E, wait right before it expires, use it, and have her E back up very soon. It significantly adds more burst and damage to Fiora's combos and takes the enemy by surprise. Prepare it in FoW for maximum effectiveness. She definitely has her flaws however such as her abysmal teamfighting, inability to stick on targets, having gated resources, and requiring Hydra. She also suffers from some clunkiness and randomness of her passive and Q. I feel like her passive, which is easily a third of her damage, is dictated by RNG. Trying desperately to proc the passive when the angle is not in your favor is incredibly frustrating. At times it's child's play to proc; other times it literally behind them. Coupled with the fact that her Q prioritizes low health minions instead of champions make her super clunky. Maybe make the angle at which the passive spawns fairer? As in, don't have it spawn completely behind the target or at an angle where Fiora has to Flash to proc it? There have been times where an ignite + Q would finish off an opponent but the Q randomly decides to get that sweet 15 gold instead of 300. Please fix that as well. All in all, I love this update, but I don't have high hopes for Fiora in competitive play or as a strong and common pick which is fine honestly. To me she's a niche pick who excels in the hands of a one trick pony master, and that's awesome. Thanks for removing her silly point and click kit too. This update is sick.
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