Taric and his rework thoughts about his Ultimate and himself

Hey Guys im played now Taric a bit on the map Ascension i wanna share my thoughts on him how i see his rework first of all i will only talk about his kit his model is fabulous. The old Taric was this amored guy who got damage by his armor this didnt change much with the item {{item:3025}} his damage is pretty good. His Heal is solid and with the item {{item:3504}} you give the whole Team extra Attackspeed and Magic damage. I had a lot of fun to play him and he seem not to easy not to hard. So his skill lvl is still pretty low i hope i didnt attack someone with this sentence :D Overall his kite fits his new Lore and his old himself But one thing i have to criticize is his Ultimate it dosent fit in his whole kite its to smiliar to Kindred,Bard and Kalye and i thought Riot Games what to make individual beings if i ask one of my friends "Hey do you know this champ that makes everyone immortal" I thing he will never guess i mean Taric. Taric is right now as I see him in a good spot but his Ultimate dont feel good and with this 2,5 delay its not the best thing to play. As i know Riot you had a lot of ideas for his ultimate so why this one? I hope you like my discussion sorry for my bad english feel free to ask me things if its hard to understand i try to explain it again :)
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