About Galio after sadness and playing (Day five)

As posted on this Galio Feedback Thread new Galios New Promotor Score is very low, in corporate signs that is bad. -46 (Baised)NPS from Galio players 13 (Unbaised) NPS from none galio players -8 (True) NPS from all players. so he failed as a rework, he failed very harshly as a galio main rework, and his new kit is Ok. people on the PBE arent very good but they already nerfed new galio to the ground before he was released so he will prob have a high failure rate in ranked games on top of the artifically high ban rate all new champions have. He barely appeased playerbase with rework, he will be used more jsut cause he is new, his winrate will prob tank, and his old fanbase overall hates it on top of gimmicky (and in a worse way) kit. lee sin playerbase got to win against their changes but the galio fanbase will be voiceless. i do not have as much fun playing the new galio AND he doesnt feel like he can bait greedy players like the old one could with his old R and W. He does more dmg sans Ult with the rework and his tankiness is being artifically nerfed before release because of his high base dmg (that is there for no reason) i was already very dissapointed with the rework and now even more dissapointed with how he is gutted before release. i am going to add a poll to see how new galio stands in temrs of players who played him on PBE and base him off of the polls i already placed to see how his popularity stands. pls vote honestly and add one sentence of what you dislike about Rework Galio and one thing you like about the Rework.
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