Can Nashor's Tooth have an additional Amplifying Tome in its build path (like Athenes, Morello & DC)

It's currently the only AP item that has such a low amount of AP from it's components. It goes from 25 AP to 80 AP, no other item in the game has this gap. You even have an item that gives a total of 40 AP (Ardent Censer) which gives more AP in its build path then a 80AP item! Same for a 50AP item (Frost Queen's Claim) and a 60AP item (Athene's). The second biggest gap is Hextech Gunblade (40 to 80AP), followed by Morellonomicon (45 to 80AP) and Banner of Command (25 to 60AP). On some champions I prefer the early AP more then the attack speed, so I would like to have a bit more then 25AP untill I can finish my 3k gold item. --------------------------------- Second idea: What about changing the components of Nashor's Tooth into Recurive Bow + Codex + Blasting Wand (+ Dagger) Currently Nashor's Tooth is the ONLY on-hit attack speed item that does not build out of a Recurive bow. Buying a Recurive bow should stand for: 'I want any of the on-hit items, but I don't know what yet to buy first'. Now Nashor's Tooth is the only exeption and you need to decide on your first (or second back) between going for a Stinger or a Recurive Bow... Maybe just remove Stinger? The only other item that used Stinger was Zephyr's, and the item got removed.
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