Aurelion Sol and Runes Reforged

Hey, I made a help ticket to Riot not too long ago, but the rioter who replied, Rioter 0rphan, said I should put it on the boards, and I this on the boards, So I'll probably put this here and on the NA boards as well for more discussion and hopefully more rioters to notice. As you can see by the name on PBE, I'm kinda an Aurelion Sol main. So when the new rune/mastery system came out on PBE, I went on here to test them out. They all seem relatively cool in their own respect, but I have a few problems with it. A lot of the big rune things say attack to get this or that, meaning that if you auto attack the "keystone" will proc and whatever effect will go off on it. This is sorta hard to do for Aurelion Sol, who doesn't really auto attack, but rather uses his passive for trades or all-ins or so on. The only real AA that Aurelion does is during laning phase, and after that it's more on maneuverability. So after trying a few of the new Runes Reforged stuff I came to the decision that not many are good for sol, a lot of them requiring an actual auto attack to proc or Him not really being able to proc at all, which also refers back to auto-ing. So a kind of ask to the rioters and Discussion here. Would it be possible for Aurelion's passive to proc some of the runes like Fleetfoot or some of the bonus-damage ones? Possibly let it be 3 continuous attacks? like the old thunderlords?
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