Hey riot and axewolfbossmandude, why does singed still have to fall off late game?

These changes are overall sort of ok, but hes not there yet sirs. Especially after you nerfed new passive from 25% to 20%. He still suffers all the same problems as on live. I know many people are excited about the new changes but they also haven't playtested it enough vs skilled opponents to understand that nothing has really changed in regards to how everything actually plays out other than you have a slightly easier time catching people without RG. And so what? u fling them they counter and kill u or their team does and it is same results. Part of the problem is also rylais is too weak of an item right now as well. Whoever on balance team put first iteration through, that guy (or guys?) is who u need to listen to. Those changes were amazing, and perhaps they were a little bit op why couldn't you tone it down then? That direction was pure heaven compared to 2nd and current iteration. I have tried multiple multiple multiple combinations of runes masteries items and sum spells and i have come to the same conclusion every time, i am just not having enough influence on the game with current iteration because lack of dmg and/or utility when it is needed. I don't play that proxy the base stuff like some other singed players do though so i dunno how it goes there. I am of the impression you guys are trying to expunge that strategy from his gameplay anyways, which is fine imo its a cheesy way to play him. I am ok with passive, poison trail, and mega adhesive changes I guess (still far prefer first iteration). Fling mana cost reduction and insanity potion mana cost reduction + extra tank stats I am not ok with, this is where u need to reevaluate. Mana has never been a problem for skilled singed players, he needs more dmg not lower mana costs and extra tankiness on ult. Yes its nice to have it but not at the expense of more scaling dmg on fling for example. I don't care about lower mana costs and tank stats when my early game still sucks and i fall off like a damn rock after 40 minutes to the point that i am utterly useless even when winning. Well as it stands I hate to say but if he ships as is i wouldn't be playing. Hes just not good enough compared to other champs still, my opinion as a singed main since season 1.
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