Xerath's Underwhelming Power

As a Xerath enthusiast, I feel like Xerath's overwhelming arcane power is simmering down with this rework. I also feel like his playstyle has changed completely with it as well, and lost the focus and the fun of being a one of a kind artillery mage. Instead of being a long range burst mage artillery champion, I feel is if xerath players should build more support-y ap items like {{item:3116}} instead of dealing tons of damage with {{item:3089}}. Also, his ultimate feels weak; its like throwing toilet paper on top of a house and just lacks that BOOM BOOM BOOM RUN TO YOUR FOUNTAIN feeling live Xerath has. It also feels like it would be a better sniping tool rather than an aoe burst. I also feel like his ultimate is not in synergy with the rest of his kit, and his ult tries to make up for the long range artillery burst that kept Xerath's identity alive. Now, I'm not sure what team comp or role xerath fits into: assassin, AOE, or maybe perhaps an all for one with Lux and her Kamehameha. Riot, if you do decide to continue with the rework, I ask that you give him some more damage stats because he feels quite lacking at all stages of the game, even if fed. Thanks for your time and I look forward to further testing!

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