Stormraider's Surge and Thunderlord's Decree

Stormraider's Surge: It is terrible and should be replaced with something entirely different, right now it is completely useless and if ever viable will be overpowered, there is no middle ground to this Keystone, and since this is still PBE let alone Pre-season you can still change it to something different. Maybe something like every 3 or 4 or 5 seconds in combat your next basic attack restores 1% max Mana on-hit, and increases to 3% or 5% against enemy champions, something useful as a choice but not overpowered to the other 8 options. **** Thunderlord's Decree: Cool keystone, the cooldown seems a bit long, maybe half it to 15 seconds from 30 seconds or something (maybe 10 seconds, but that might be overkill); the cooldown just feels too long for what it does.
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