Miss Fortune's ult can crit but Lucian's ult can't?

Hey guys, After some changes to the marksman, even tho the items are really good on Lucian, he still feels kinda weak late game. Sure, he is balanced but still, a tank can 1v1 him. So i thought that it might be smart to buff his ultimate? The ultimate feels kinda weak late game (After the buff with that 20/25/30 shots, it is kinda really good early. But it falls late game off) And if an enemy walks a little bit to the left, he is able to completely dodge the ultimate. Unlike Miss Fortune's ultimate who has big AOE damage + ALOT more damage. So i thought like, why would they buff such a big AOE ultimate like Miss fortune while lucian can only 1 target at one time + it deals less damage + he can't crit like Miss Fortune's ult. And yes, i know, you can walk with lucian's ult but not with Miss Fortune's ult. But that doesn't mean that his ult should do 0 damage late game. Or maybe it would be better if he can get lifesteal from his ultimate because it would be a combat ultimate because most of the time, they use it for waveclear, at the start of the fight or at the end because his basic attacks and other spells (except W) are much better. If you have a suggestion about lucian's ult, like how it should be buffed, post it in the comments.
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