[Planned 4.3] Trinket Cleanup (Shop / Tooltips)

Just a quick note, we've done a quick cleanup pass on Trinkets. Trinket functionality **won't change at all** but there are two major changes: **Trinkets no longer self-morph themselves at level 9 - instead they just gain bonuses at level 9+** This was kind of a relic for when we had Trinkets automorph several times throughout the game. Towards the end of the process, we realized a lot of them were unnecessary. *For Example:* Instead of: * 'Warding Totem becomes Greater Totem at Level 9' it is now simply: * Active: Place a 60 second ward - 120 second cooldown. * At level 9+ ward duration increases to 120 **Trinkets now have a level requirement to upgrade** This means you can immediately buy the last tier of the trinket in the shop as well as making Trinkets more like real items in the shop. This has actually required a significant amount of refactoring / reorganization 'under the hood' in order to facilitate a cleaner back-end so I'm pointing it out in case issues pop up.
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