Kalista needs small nerf on her R.

Kalista's R is no-risk 911 skill. Kalista can save her supporter without any risk. (1400 range) I DON't want to say, "reduce the range! increase cooldown!" However, I would like to say, "Don't make Kalistar's supporter immune to DMG while it is being absorbed." Just like, Malp's ulti. Malp is immune to CC while using R. However, it is NOT immune to DMG while using R. (Malp's R may not stop, but he would die just after he hits his R if Malp was too low and took enough DMG to die.) My explanation on Malp's R could be incorrect, but anyway, this is what I want to apply on Kalista's R. This change will make Kalista to use R more carefully. I mean it may push Kalista to use R little earlier. Otherwise, her supporter would die during the calling.
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