Feedback from a long time Anivia main

I am a long time Anivia main, 3 seasons to be exact and I just want to share some feedback on the current nerfs to her. Not all the changes are bad, if you want to keep the R change, that's fine since E -> R is more common than R -> E, that much is fine, but, as it is we have to work very hard to land a Q in lane, it's a slow moving projectile and all we get is 2 seconds of chill? that's very much undermining your hard work. Assuming your opponent is as capable as you in lane, you have to either wall them off and lure them into getting hit by Q or slow them with your R first so they can't dodge the Q (this is only after 6), this becomes much more troublesome with champions with a dash which already can pass through your wall quite easily, what that means is I'm (probably) using 2 or more abilities to ensure I hit my Q and then I have less time to follow up after even though other much more easier to hit abilities have better pay off and don't require as much set up. This combined with her already high mana costs makes her even worst in lane than she already was, why hit her where she was already sub-par? Anivia is a strong champion, I've mained her since I started this game and I love her to death, and I really hope Riot takes a look at this, the R change is fine, she'll live and if you feel it's unfair to get hit by an AOE slow and shot with an E and with no opportunity to counterplay, that's fine I agree and I can see that, but, the Q that's your fault for getting hit by that, if you're not literally on top of Anivia, that thing should be easy to dodge for anyone, specially with all the mobile champions popular in mid right now and have been for a while. I beg you riot, don't nerf Q, when you land those max range Qs that you predict, set up or your opponent walks into they SHOULD be punished for it, as it stands pre-6, she won't be able to follow up on long range Qs with an E. At least make the duration scale off distance traveled? Thanks for your time =/ sincerely a sad bird.
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