Hello everyone! Recently, i've been a major {{champion:28}} fan because i don't like the tank meta and i was in the need of junglers. Yes, i've had no junglers in my pool lol. Until now. Call me old-fashioned but i do like to pick a currently underpowered champion and play with them, just to feel them out and quite possibly try to figure out how to emphasize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Unfortunately, i wish i could say that a certain build patch will fix her problems but if you're the jack-of-all-trades, you're a master of none. Mainly, i do have to complain that having her in the assassin role with no reliable gap closers and with a DPS assassin (yes, she does not deal enough damage in a short time) that's also a melee champion, is counterintuitive to the role and underperforms in most cases. Her kit simply doesn't synergize well with her role and what she needs to do, with the stats of a squishy mage to boot. She is way to " high risk - low reward" champion right now and also taking into account that jungle is the only lane for her, is also a part of the problem. Her build paths are clear cut but as a jungler, you should be able to clear camps and gank, not to potentially trade one for another. _**To Riot:**_ Is Evelynn on your radar and are there any planned changes for her in the future? Nocturne got a surprising set of buffs to help him catch up to frightened people, and use ult more often. A quality of life change indeed but compared to someone like Eve, who has to fight in melee range and has no outright burst, solid defense or CC, this is a gut punch. A good question to ask is: why would i want Eve in my team? And i just don't have an answer to that. She doesn't do anything special. _**Everyone else:**_ I'm looking forward do hearing your opinions since i may be playing her the wrong way and perhaps there are things i haven't explored yet. Perhaps some outrageous builds, strategy or tips to improve on your Eve mastery? All is welcome :)

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