Hello! With today's PBE update, we have a number of changes to Master Yi and Alpha Strike that addresses various issues with him. Below is a quick and dirty change list: **Alpha Strike (Q)** * Dying during Alpha strike will properly play the death animation, and place him where Alpha Strike is portraying him to be. * There is now a minimum Alpha Strike untargeability time of 0.25 seconds (0.1 of which is the 'fade in'). * The 'fade-in' time for Alpha Strike (100 ms) now properly maintains untargetabiltiy. * Fixed a bug where if the primary target of Alpha Strike dies on the exact server frame after the cast time, it will fail to cast, go on cooldown and subsequent auto-attacks will not lower its cooldown until its next cast.. * Alpha Strike also gains vision of where he is going per bounce. * Will not place himself on top of Baron if Baron is the primary target. [1] * After failed Alpha Strike, Meditate is no longer momentarily locked out. [2] * Assist applies on connecting with enemies, before damage applies. [2] **Double Strike (P):** * Fixed a bug where at a certain attack speed, Master Yi will not crit against Neutral Monsters after Double Strike **Wuju Style (E):** * Fixed a bug where Bonus Phyiscal Damage from Wuju Style passive is not applied to active true damage portion if it is cast as soon as it comes off cooldown We are looking for feedback if you notice any changes to the ability that are unexpected. Please check out these changes in game and let us know how you feel about them below. Riot Fist Bump, Rito Exgeniar Edit:: see [#]
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