One For All: Mirror Mode Enabled on PBE!

Hi everyone! When we first released One For All, a lot of players said this would be a fun mode to try with 10 of the same champion on Howling Abyss. Well, we heard you and we agree! The next Featured Game Mode, One For All: Mirror Mode, is up for testing on PBE! For this iteration, we made a few tweaks to the champion select process. Champ select is now determined by nominations aggregated across both teams and a vote tracker shows the nominated champions. If a strict majority is achieved (>50% of picks, excluding abstains), that champion is assigned to everyone. If not, the champion is picked based on a weighted random across all of the champion nominations – for example, if 4 people vote for Amumu, 3 vote for Annie, 2 vote for Aatrox, and 1 person votes for Alistar, there’s a 40% chance everyone will be Amumu, a 30% chance you'll all play as Annie, a 20% chance to face off as Aatrox, etc. One feature we’ve added to One For All: Mirror Mode is the ability to purchase a Battle Boost for your team during champ select. If you purchase one, you'll unlock all available skins for yourself and your team for that match as well as a one game team IP boost. (Ever wonder how many different Teemo mushrooms there are? ) Hop in the queue and give this community-inspired variant of One For All a try. As always, let us know if you find any issues or problems and tell us what you think!
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