So Im interested in what others have tested out in the way of builds. For me Iv been pretty successful with this build and I know there will be people thinking it stupid but I find it works well. In order of buyish {{item:3030}} {{item:3065}}{{item:3025}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3111}}{{item:3001}} The Though here on the Gunblade is is gives him some Auto attack and Passive boost, it has AP, it has a activate slow and it heals him with every attack he does. Now I know "All his attacks are AOE so its worthless!" Yes and No. Yes his attacks are AOE but the thing is his Q does 9% max HP damage. With {{item:3001}} this is 9.9% max HP damage (plus base + 60% AP) Add in his W (max lvl full build) 54% damage reduction on top of his 161 Armor , 193 MR and 3051 HP. He does not take a lot of damage. On a group camp or minion wave or 2+ champions this is a lot of damage and healing Fighting Dragon he out heals dragons damage solo. Raptor Camp is the best to heal on because they dont touch his 610 Magic Shield while he heals off 6 mobs.

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