@RiotMEMEMEMEME : About WK Kat particle update!

I really like the updated particles for Warring Kingdoms Katarina but the only thing that bugs me is the R ground effect. https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-NDP85qE_Mzk/WCUW_fMUAjI/AAAAAAAAX2k/8guxed6sHk4fA1E8P6l8QFRyRU1r5qROACLcB/s1600/katr.jpg Please make the ground effect symmetrical = the lotus on both sides. I mean the clouds dont even fit thematically. I know its supposed to be related to Lunar Revel but unlike Firecracker Jinx or Radiant Wukong, WK Kat isnt related to "clouds" at all. The lotus fits the skin perfectly! 1. Since the skins particle are all about flowers/petals and 2. because it fits the ult name :D So PLEASE consider removing the clouds and having the lotus + the yellow lines on both sides !!

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