One For All enabled for testing!

Greetings Summoners! One For All is back, and as one for all-y as ever! We've got some new content hitting with this patch, which we're excited to see how you guys play with :3 Namely... **Major Assassin Updates! ** Some of the assassins have had more extensive updates; I'll note a few below that will probably have interesting new interactions for OFA. :3 * Assassins are ready for OFA testing and will be active for this round :) The updates include: * Talon * Maximum wall jumping action! Talon's have their own, independent cooldowns for Walls obviously :3 and should only see their own indicator. * Katarina * Katarina's can use each other's daggers for jumping and getting their extra spins! * LeBlanc * LeBlancs should be able to use each other's sigils/passive to do tons of damages. * Rengar (aka Rengo, KnifeCat, the Cat Wonder) * _Knifecat hides stealthily in the night, stalking his prey..._ Run for your life from 5 Rengars hunting you at the same time D: **Minor Assassin Updates** * Fizz * Kha'Zix * Akali * Zed * Ekko * Shaco Also, Ivern - The Green Father {{champion:427}} is now available for testing as well! However, he currently has some known bugs with his passive and Ultimate; Pick him at your own risk :D If you run into any issues, feel free to drop a comment below and leave a bug report via the [Report a Bug Tool]( ! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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