Does Vladimirs E still deal damage when interrupted/canceled with Fear,Silence,Taunt,...?

While charging your E, and lets say you face a Fiddlestecks or Rammus, the Fear/silence from Fiddlesticks and Taunt from Rammus interrupts your E, but do you still do damage with it if its canceled ? I mean, you don't have to fully charge it to do damage with it, and it would just make sense that it still does damage when canceled since the Bloodball still explodes/shatters. If it does not deal damage in that case, I would recommend changing it. Well, at least from a visual point of view it would make sense. And I'm not trying to make {{champion:8}} overpowered or something like that...even tho my name says alot xD...just trying to make some points here and hear your opinion on it as well. Thanks !
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