ARSR game mode for RGM queue coming soon to PBE testing.

Yo party people! \>o</ Game mode time. Let's go! :) **ARSR (All Random Summoner's Rift):** This one's all in the title. ARSR is straight up "All Random Summoner's Rift". No gameplay changes have been made; we chose to keep the SR experience pure (ambient gold/EXP/etc all the same). Just roll your champs then go wreck! **Game mode details:** -- ARSR (All Random Summoner's Rift). -- Random champions in a regular game of Summoner's Rift. -- You will be able to earn keys/chests. -- Uses the same pick paradigm as ARAM or ARURF. ---- Champions are randomised from your own champ pool + the free-to-play rotation. ---- Rerolls are allowed. ---- Rerolls are shared with ARAM, but we'll increase the earning while the mode is active to compensate (same as ARURF). **Would you guys make this permanent?** We don't currently have plans to make ARSR permanent, but we're not inherently against the idea either. Unlike Dominion or other gameplay heavy modes, this doesn't need any upkeep patch to patch. For the most part, it 'just works'. If the game mode turns out to be pretty healthy and #goodtimes for everyone then sure, we could consider if it could be enabled. **Known issues:** Nothing we could see, but let us know if you find anything! Most likely there would be something in the champ select phase. Thanks as always PBE heroes, even though not all of you wear capes. <3 -- L4T3NCY
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