Azir's E Really Doesn't Feel Fluid or Fitting.

"Oh hey I am a prestigious Emperor who taunts even the Baron about how great Emperors are. Except I'm going to dash into your face and knock you up with my chest popped out and get a shield and get stopped by your lesser form." Now if you look at the base intention of his E, two things are clear, but they are contradictory. 1: It's an engage tool. Knock someone / team up, ult them out of position. 2: It's an escape tool. Use it to wall jump or escape ganks. Counterplay in that it can be body blocked. Now these two things at their core are greatly designed and a brilliant mix of counterplay and utility. Except when you actually play Azir. First off, design wise, the ability does not fit the Emperor, diving into someone's face and then telling his soldiers to kill them. He was designed to be a long range battle field manipulator, a puppet-like long range mage who has to watch his positioning more than any ADC. But we're given an ability that says 'hey dive into their face.' Now one can argue "well just use it for mobility!"... Except... You know. You're given a shield and you knock up a target, encouraging you to use it aggressively, or implying it. So then you build tanky!... But then miss out on his CDR = 2X Attackspeed passive... And if you can't rush a RoA early then it's not usually worth it, so you can get a Nashor's into a rylais, maybe? I feel like it should snare the target instead of knocking them up, or reduce the dash range if blocked, or just fly all the way to a soldier, or something. But the shield / knock up combo make it feel so awkward. The ability just feels so contradictory, and really awkward to use if you're not escaping, which it IS great for when paired with Q.
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