Haunted Maokai's Tombstone

{{champion:57}} As a big **Maokai** fan, I love that he's getting attention with his **VU**, but.. Out of all the **skins** he has, I finally got **Haunted Maokai** (skipping out on it last year, which I highly regretted), only to see that his **Tombstone** that was shot out with his **Q** has now been **removed**. It's only of the MAJOR reasons why I wanted this skin. I understand why they were removed for his **R**, but for his **Q** as well? Will we be see this come back? (I personally hope so. :( ) Any feed back from a Rioter? -fingers crossed- {{item:3070}} **APOLOGIES** - I know that the PBE Haunted Maokai isn't CURRENT but, it's close enough. Point being there's no Tombstone.

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